We are a forward-thinking, practically-minded e-commerce business, and our mission statement is that we strive for excellence in everything that we do.

We offer products and services from the Internet’s leading suppliers and manufacturers and regularly decline invitations to sell goods on behalf of any organisation if we feel that they are not worthy of representing our Company.

We sell around the World, and pride ourselves on offering a level of customer service that we would want to see ourselves if we were shopping online.

Our product ranges change regularly, so we hope that you come back to our site to see some of the fantastic offers that we regularly have.

We would urge you to understand that we are not a face-less or name-less organisation, and want you to know that we are here to help make your online experience as enjoyable and rewarding as we can make it for you.

We hope this brief introduction to who we are will help you to better understand us, and we invite you to browse the rest of our website at your leisure.

Back in 2013, an idea was born

aboutus1The idea came about after spending too much time, effort and money trusting some of the BIG names in website hosting, only to be let down constantly by their in-ability to to 'connect' with the single most important thing that the modern-day entrepreneur is looking for online - Fast, reliable, trustworthy and state of the art hosting and support without the interruptions which come with under-delivered promises and over-priced services..

Web hosting services and YOU the client become the focus

By 2014 Alpha Centuari Design Concepts broke into the mainstream hosting market and began attracting customers faster than any new-start provider in the market. Our un-rivalled reputation for commitment to excellence has kept us one step ahead of the game thanks to one crucial element to our business. This is the fact that as entrepreneurs ourselves, we actively work IN eCommerce and run many 100s of our own sites 24/7 - so we know, like you, the importance of customer service better than even the biggest names in the business.


Our philosophy is simple, clear and true

We believe that it is not difficult to be successful  even in the rapidly moving online world in which we find ourselves working in today. Staying focused not just on rapidly evolving technology, but also the needs of the very clients who add to our success enables us to deliver products and services that beat those of our competitors, and more often than not at prices which undercut the competition significantly.

Where do we go from here?

Since our launch back in 2014, we endeavour to make available the latest technologies to all our clients and to allow our clients to do what they themselves do best, which we believe is to run their own businesses.

Want to get started?

No matter how big or small your online business idea is, and no matter what level of expertise it is you need to help you achieve your goals, we are here to help. From conception to finished trading platform, we often get clients up and running within hours. So, if your next step in Life is to join the booming Internet Universe then let us join you on your journey, and help you get to where you want to be in the shortest possible time.