You Have Total Control

Once installed you will be given FULL CONTROL of everything to do with your site. You will be handed across C-Panel access with your own user name and password, which you can change at any time for complete peace of mind. Inside of C-Panel you will be able to manage everything, from e-mails and files to complete site backups. Even we won't have access to your password unless of course you ever need help, in which case we would welcome the opportunity of assisting you in any way possible. All FREE OF CHARGE.

Call us for Pricing - +44 7398225970

Total Design Control

The second area of your site you will control (should you so desire) is the look and feel of it. Every aspect of how it works, what clients see, products, images etc can be controlled 24/7 via your private access to your own site admin panel. Here you can change colours, fonts, themes and anything else that you feel would add benefit to your site. You can even add new pages, videos or links and advanced marketing plugins which can massively increase the performance of your site. Ask us how.

Call us for Pricing - +44 7398225970

You accept that we offer a 24 hour refund on hosting plans which will never be extended due to server space being paid by us on your behalf up-front from server providers.